"Merendar" in English means to go out for a snack, usually in the afternoon.  A little pick-me-up to get through the rest of the day until dinner time.  I picked this name for this yarn because all three of these girls, Holly, Anna, and Apple, love to eat!  At any time of the day!  Holly will usually follow me around to see if I have a treat in my pocket for her.  Their prsonalities are so funny!  But just like me, these girls will never shy away from an afternoon snack!  

Merendar - Romney

  • From Holly, Anna, and Apple

    2 ply, DK

    250 yds/228 meters

    100% Romney Wool 

    Garment Suggestions: Perfect for most garments.  It is squishy with good bounce.  A beautiful, taupe color, it would go with anything!  

44 Main St (down the alley), Stockbridge, MA 01262 . 610.233.8105 |pradodelana@gmail.com 

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