"Amistad" in English means friendship.  I can't tell you the amount of wonderful, genuine friendships that we have made all because of sheep.  To have friends that know exactly what you are going through with your flock, not only brings comfort and peace, but it brings confidence in knowing its a judgment free friendship.  It's the same with the sheep in the flock, everyone knows where they stand with each other and there are no judgments or hurt feelings.  There are definite "friendsheeps"  and bonds that form in our flock.  It's lovely to see them care for each other. 

Amistad - Romney

  • From: Abigail, Ignaz, Felicity, and Charlie 

    2 ply DK 

    250 yds/228 meters

    100% Romney Wool 

    Garment Suggestion: Perfect for just about anything.  This yarn is squishy and bouncy, with a lovely handle.  Being that it is marled, it won't knit up stripey as one would think.  It will actually create its own flecked grey color.  

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